Pilot Pens
We appreciate the opportunity to share our experiences with Mötsenböcker’s stain removal products with our customers. These stain removal products, especially Mötsenböcker’s Lift Off #3, have been very helpful in removing many different types of ink stains on fabrics and solid surfaces. Once again, thank you for providing such a useful and readily available remedy for those situations requiring a stain removal product.
— J. Hirsch, Consumer Advisor for Pilot Corp. of America

Pen in Dryers
Hi! I met one of the Mötsenböcker’s at last weekend’s Ace Hardware show in San Diego, and I LOST HIS CARD!!! Anyhoo, I told him about my 13 year old son who left 2 gel pens in his pants… nuff said. I promised to send before and after pictures of my BRAND NEW clothes dryer, which your #3 product made look fabulous!!!! My son, Christian, did the cleanup as penance… I can’t say enough great things about your products. I was a personal user of them but now Hardware store in Arlington MA, which has been in business since 1857! I am sure you’ll be able to get these pictures to the guy who was at the show. I tore my office apart this afternoon trying to find his card, which I only had in my hands 24 hours ago!
— K. Wheatly, Foxboro, MA

Avery Glue Stick
My 2 year old niece took the glue stick and decided to draw on the laptop screen. Luckily, she did not press hard enough to crack the screen, just smear the glue. WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW #2 Lift Off did the trick. I have attached the pictures before/after. My wife was resolved to either use the laptop as–is or pay the $600 for a new screen. However, $5.98, a couple of emails, and one phone call later, problem solved!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry if the “after” photos may not have come out too good to the GLARE of a clean screen. Thank you for your help.
— Mark

Foam Sealant on a File Cabinet…
I just wanted to comment how pleasantly surprised I was that your product was able to remove baked-on foam sealant from a laminated lateral file cabinet in my current office.
Some background: Foam sealant was apparently spilled on my lateral file during repairs made to our prior office building due to damage sustained by Hurricane Katrina back in 2005.
Everyone’s furniture, including mine, sat in a building with no AC for over three years w/ temperatures reaching upwards of 100+ degrees. I did not have access to my lateral file until we moved in March 2008 into our permanent location. I was horrified to see that the top of my file had large drips and drabs of foam sealant all over it. I was able to scrap off most of the foam portion but was unable to remove what remained under the foam—a high gloss, hard lumpy coating. I was told nothing would remove dried–on foam sealant and had prepared to cover the unsightly mess with something. By chance, while at [a hardware store] looking for something else, I happened to spy your product. I purchased it thinking full well that it would probably not work and I would be wasting my money. Well, I tried it today and was blown away that it actually worked. Granted I had to do some scrapping and chipping away but it was actually removing the unsightly mess!!!
Thank you so much for making a product that really delivers and actually does what it promises to do.

…and Labels on Plastic
I received the samples over the weekend and just love Lift Off #2. I had a plastic jar with a large front/back label on it that I have wanted to remove for the longest time. Normally to remove large labels I would have to soak 2-3 days in soapy water then remove residual with mineral spirits. I dreaded this process. Well as soon as your products arrived, I tackled that jar. Within less than 5 mins both labels were off. What a pleasure it was using Lift Off #2‚not only did it work quick, but also was very pleasant smelling. This may sound crazy but I am actually looking forward to getting something stained in order to try Lift Off #1 & 3. I am a believer and look forward to using your products for many years to come. Thanks again.
— L. Pareti, Metairie, LA

Chapstick on Clothing
I found your product at Home Depot in desperation to remove chapstick stains from my clothes. I am well known for accidentally washing AND drying my chapstick I just wanted to let you know that your product is the ONLY product I have found that has removed the stains! A few I had to run through twice, but they’re completely gone! You saved my entire load of laundry! Thank you!!!
— A. Shilvock, Lakemoor, IL

Red Wine on a Tablecloth
My brother–in–law, Joe, loves to have a glass of red wine with his dinner, but always manages to spill some or all of it on my white tablecloths. I can’t tell you how many tablecloths I’ve had to throw away as well as so–called “stain removers.” Well, I was almost ready to throw Joe away, when I found Lift Off #1. What a joy!! It removes the red wine stains completely! Thank you, “Lift Off!” You’ve allowed Joe to still come over for dinner!
— N. Singer, Pepper Pike, OH

Stickers on a Door
My son went off to college and we wanted to use the room as an office. Over the years, he put every sticker he owned on his bedroom door. A friend gave us a product that supposedly removes stickers, tape, etc. but it just gummed up the stickers and required hours of scraping. I was not about to sit there and srape my life away, so I went to the hardware store and found Lift Off #2. With one or two sprays, it came off like magic and with no scraping. Thanks for making a product that really works!
— J. & R. Fabian

Salad Dressing on Linens
My fiance and I decided to have our engagement dinner in our new home instead of a fancy restaurant. Bad idea! Salad Dressing stains were left on our linen napkins. Many attempts of washing didn’t do any justice. My mother, who’s a neat freak, gave me a bottle of Lift Off #1 & #2 to try out. They say mothers always know best and believe me it’s true. The stains vanished before my eyes!
— D.L. Hansen

Ink Cartridge on Carpet
Thank you for making a great product that actually does what it says it will do. I recently got some black ink from a printer cartridge on my carpet. It has been there for about two months. That is until today. I was introduced to Lift Off #3 and after two applications, and some blotting, the ink instantly started to disappear. Your product is simply amazing!
— S. McRae

Coffee Stain on Car Upholstery
It was almost a captive purchase, as I had accidentally spilled coffee on the seat of my car. I used Lift Off #1 according to the directions on the bottle and was amazed at how quickly and easily the coffee came up. That was almost two weeks ago, and there is no residual stain, and more importantly, no residual odor.
— D. Kleekowski

Candle Wax on a Shirt
I blew out a Christmas candle and splashed some candle wax on the front of my newly purchased cotton velour shirt. I tried your Lift Off #2 according to the instructions. I washed the shirt immediately after removing the wax. It dried looking like new. Great product — Thank you!
— U. McAndrews